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May my child compete in more than one Scholarship? The answer is yes. It is highly encouraged if they are affiliated with a Knight of Columbus and the child of a registered parishioner of Holy Trinity Catholic Church of San Antonio Texas. They may compete in both scholarship competitions. They must complete both contests' application and essay requirements, but we are sorry to report they can only win in one category.


If my child won last year, can they compete again this year? The answer is yes. If they are still attending a Catholic High School in the Archdiocese of San Antonio or going from first-year students to sophomore into a nationally accredited two-year or four-year college or a nationally accredited vocational or technical school in the United States.

My child won last year from one college and is relocating (changing) to a different college in the same or different state this year. Can they compete again this year? The answer is yes. Where they attend school for this academic school year is of no consequence from the previous year. The only stipulation to this rule is their institution of choice must remain a nationally accredited two or four-year college and or a nationally accredited vocational or technical school in the United States.

Does the applicant have to be a child or grandchild of a registered parent at Holy Trinity Catholic Church to participate? The answer is yes and no. If they are under the age of eighteen, yes. While this is not too common If the applicant is emancipated and under the age of twenty-five, then no. They are not required to be a child of a Holy Trinity Parishioner. They are eligible to become registered parishioners themselves to qualify for the competition. This stipulation applies to all three scholarships currently offered. In addition, the parent or legal guardian and or Knight of Columbus member must be a registered member of Holy Trinity Catholic Church of San Antonio, Texas. A registered parishioner is  verified as a parishioner by the church registrar.

My parents attend Holy Trinity but are not registered. Can I still compete in the competition? The answer is No. We are sorry, but this competition is designed to support the children and young adults of Holy Trinity Catholic Church. But wait – There is time and an effortless way to have your parents become registered parishioners. They are required to go to the Holy Trinity website: For their convenience, please print and complete a parish registration form. The completed application may be dropped off at the church office or placed in the collection basket during Holy Trinity Catholic Church Mass. Another way is to go to the church office during business hours and fill out the form. They must become registered before the submission deadline. This is the only way to validate your application under the rules of a registered parishioner.


When will I know if I won a scholarship? We do our best to notify the winners of each competition via email before the end of the 1st or 2nd week of May of the competition year. We do this so high school students may submit their scholarship-winning notification to their high school registrar for the written announcement in their graduation booklet and verbal podium announcement during the graduation ceremony. If you have not received an email by the 3rd week of May of the competition year, we regret to inform you that your submission was not chosen as a winner. If you continue to meet the scholarship competition requirements we encourage you to try again next year. 

When will the scholarship payment be made to my school if I win? The scholarship payment will be made directly to the school of instruction before the fall semester starts. We will do our best to make all payments in August of the competition year. However, it is the institution's discretion on how the scholarship money is applied to the student's account, and it will be up to the school when they post the funds to the student's account.

My child is home-schooled through high schools grades (9-12), can they compete in this competition? The answer is No. They can not compete for scholarship funds during their high school years. Your child must attend a Catholic High School in the Archdiocese of San Antonio to be eligible to compete in the Catholic High School scholarship competition. Once they graduate from high school they can compete in the college scholarships competitions. 

Are vocational schools considered for this competition? The answer is yes for some and no for others. Unfortunately, the list of possible vocational schools is too great for this answer. In short, the vocational school must be nationally accredited, fall within two or four years, and be in the United States to be considered. Please check the following website to see if the vocation you are pursuing falls within the accreditation guidelines of this competition.

A program must grant the applicant an associate degree at the end of completion of this course of study to be eligible. Anything less than an associate degree is unsuitable for this scholarship competition.

If I have yet to be accepted to an accredited college by the application deadline, Can I still compete in these competitions? The answer is yes but with stipulations. All applicants should have a plan for college and hopefully have chosen and have been accepted to said college by the application deadline. We will accept scholarship competition applications without a college acceptance letter with no penalty. However, please note the following stipulation: If by chance your submission is selected as a winner, you must receive a college acceptance letter and have it emailed to us at before 1 August, or you take the risk of forfeiting your scholarship to the runner up applicant in the same scholarship category.


Are online college programs allowed in this competition? The answer is yes. The online school of choice must fall within the criteria of being a nationally accredited two or four-year college and a nationally accredited vocational or technical school in the United States. Remember, the school must grant the applicant a two-year associate degree or a bachelor’s degree at the end of the study to be eligible.

Can my child compete in this contest if they plan to attend a school of study overseas, in a foreign land? The answer is no. Unfortunately, we will only award a scholarship to a student attending a college with a United States bank address for payment purposes.

Is there an Age limit for scholarship applicants? The answer is yes- This scholarship competition is open only to Holy Trinity Catholic Church of San Antonio Texas, youth, young adults, and early adults. The age limit the Knights of Columbus Council 9967 has set for this competition is: All applicants must be 25 years of age or less by the application deadline. In addition, the applicant must fall within the eligibility criteria of each scholarship.

What if my child attended college for one year, then dropped out and returned to college? Can they compete in the scholarship competition? The answer is yes, they are eligible if they are not over the age of 25 on the application deadline date and meet the other requirements of a Holy Trinity Catholic Church of San Antonio Texas parishioner or Knight affiliated applicant. 


My child has attended community college on two separate instances, completing one semester in one college and earning 18 credit hours. They completed another semester in another college earning 20 credit hours. They have never completed a full year of college at one college. Are they still a freshman going into a sophomore college grade or a Junior and unable to compete?   The answer is Yes they can compete if they are classified as entering the Sophomore grade with less than 40 credit hours. The Classification of Students is as follows Freshman: Must have completed less than thirty (30) semester credit hours in college-level courses at colleges in the Alamo Colleges District or other regionally accredited college(s). Sophomore: Must have completed not less than thirty (30) and not more than seventy-two (72) semester credit hours in college-level subjects at the colleges in the Alamo Colleges District or another regionally accredited college (s).  For our competition, we draw the line at no more than 40 credit hours qualifies as a freshman going into the Sophomore grade. 

Why can't my Junior or Senior in college apply for these scholarships again? Our belief is your Junior or Senior in college can or should be able to author an excellent essay so this can create an unfair advantage among the upcoming first- or second-year students. 


Applicants and parents can email any additional questions to Vincent Lewis -

Knights of Columbus Youth Activity Director, at

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