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Keep the faith alive by supporting our seminarians and postulants. As the strong right arm of the church, Knights of Columbus are committed to providing moral, financial and spiritual support to our future priests and religious at all stages of their formation. A featured program, RSVP counts for two credits toward the Columbian Award.

Knights of Columbus stand in solidarity with our priests and religious.



Knights of Columbus stand in solidarity with our priests and religious. Through this program, council and parish families will raise funds to support seminarians in their area. For every $500 given to an individual, the Supreme Council will refund the council or assembly $100. The maximum refund a council or assembly can receive is $400 per individual supported. Though financial support is vitally important, it is not the only aspect of the RSVP. Councils are also called to provide their “adopted” seminarian or religious aspirant with moral support and prayers for their success.

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Erick Cruz

Level of Study: 2nd Theology

Home Parish: Holy Trinity-San Antonio
Podcast: Seminarian Q&A: Erick Cruz

My vocation was most inspired by the faithful witness of many priests that I have been blessed to have in my life … while growing up, at college, and during my time as a missionary. Through their examples of what it means to be a priest, I felt the unrest of wanting to pursue my vocation. If my vocation is to be a priest, then I wish nothing more than to be an instrument of God’s love and mercy to His people and to help those I minister to reach sanctity.


Luis Horacio Gómez

Level of Study: 3rd Theology

Home Parish: Blessed Sacrament-San Antonio
Podcast: Seminarian Q&A: Luis Horacio Gómez

My vocation to the priestly life started when I’ve worked as an Accountant, I felt that God called me to serve the people in other ways, and the Priesthood has always been an option for me. Thanks to my spiritual director, Father Edwin Gomez, who has been accompanying me, I was able to listen carefully to the voice of God in my heart and say yes to His call. I’m so glad to have the opportunity to continue listening to the voice of God and His will for my life in the Archdiocese of San Antonio.


Joseph Duque

Level of Study: 1st Theology

Home Parish: Prince of Peace-San Antonio
Podcast: Seminarian Q&A: Joseph Duque

My vocation journey began while reading about and watching the lives of holy and courageous priests, as well as hearing God calling me during moments of Adoration. If I am truly called to be a priest, I look forward to being an instrument of God’s mercy and love through the sacraments, and bringing the truth of God to the world.

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